Adding or Removing Credit Cards

As a general rule of thumb, sending credit card information over email is not recommended due to the highly insecure nature of the service, and could lead to a compromised credit card account if the email is sniffed up enroute to it's destination. It's for this reason that we set up a simple form on the website at in order to allow customers to manage their cards without exposing sensitive payment information to any third parties.

To add or update a credit card to your account, point your web browser to

Add a New Card

  1. Click Add a New Card
  2. Fill out all of the shown credit card fields and click Add Card.
  3. If you wish to use this new card with an existing order in the system, please email us at with your order # and the last 4 digits of the credit card you wish to use on that order. We will change the information on our end and send you confirmation once completed.
    If you wish to use it with new orders, you will be presented with the choice to select that card when checking out.

Removing a Credit Card

  1. Find the card you wish to delete in the list of credit cards at 
  2. On the right hand side of the card listed, there is an option to Remove Card. Click this link.
  3. The page will confirm that you wish to delete this credit card. Click OK to confirm.
    Any existing orders tied to this card that have not been charged, will no longer be able to use this as payment information. In order to process that order, we will need an alternative form of payment.
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