What are the differences in the sweat guards?

Full Sweat Guard
Covers the rear sight, slide, and all side gun controls. Provides the most protection between the user and the firearm.

Combat Cut
The combat cut is a variation of our full sweat guard, with the thumb notch portion of the firearm cleared away to allow for a better feel of the gun when gripping the firearm. Can be useful and comfortable for guns that require the sweat guard to stand off the firearm and not lay flat.

Mid Guard
The mid guard is a popular cut for our appendix carry holsters, or generally any setup where you wish to have some sort of sweat guard between the user and the firearm, but also have it not sit as high on the users body while the weapon is drawn out of the holster. Like the combat cut, the thumb notch is exposed to help aid with the grip.

No Sweat Guard
Like the mid sweat guard, this option is popular for appendix carry holsters or any situation where a sweat guard is not desirable. Unlike the mid guard, the no combat cut doesn't have any extra lip in the back to help aid in reholstering. The front and back of the holster essentially sit flush with eachother. Like the combat cut, the thumb notch is exposed to help aid with the grip.

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    Mike Cox

    I didn't see this information initially. It should be a little more obvious maybe to find it for new Zorn fans.

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    michael Mcdonald

    Showing the difference between sweat guards will help me decide on the correct fit for my personal preference which would be combat guard. Thanks

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