What is your lead time and can you guarantee it?

As of May 21, 2015, we are at an 8 to 10 week lead on non Quick Ship Items, and a 5 business day lead time on Quick Ship Items.

Our up to date lead times can be viewed on the front page of our main store website at

Can we guarantee the lead times. NO. They are just an estimation.

Some custom holsters can be tricky, and some builds require more testing or more setup than others. We aim for the lead time window, but sometimes it doesn't happen. We do apologize ahead of time if it does, but keep in mind that we take your satisfaction in our product and service as our number one and two priorities, and sometimes in order to make a product you will love, we may have to take a bit longer to build which can affect our service. 

Unless it is life or death, please do not contact us asking where your holster is at in production and when you will be receiving it. We understand you are excited to get one of our holsters, we would be too, but our answer will always be a best guess answer, and most likely you will hold us to it and work yourself up when we inevitably miss the date. It doesn't make it fun for anyone, and we don't like angering customers.

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